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FESTICKET Traveller Guide



  • Awesome!

    By officialm
    Wifi extender was offline.. the app took me step by step on how to reconnect
  • Great App

    By Moz2469
    This is a great app and I would give it five stars but I am frustrated by the number of different apps that AT&T use to manage my interactions with them. Can’t you roll All of my accounts into one overall app?
  • Network usage

    By 72sar
    Why can't I see network usage when my wifi extender is connected?
  • Junk

    By Rojijo
    It never works. In fact I’m thinking of going back to Spectrum. I only had 100mpb but it didn’t go down and had better range than AT&T which I got with 1000mpb. AT&T said I need WIFI extenders. I don’t want to pay for WIFI extenders!
  • Slow

    By Ol. 6opalov
    The slowest application I ever saw. All settings I make take several minutes to save if I’m lucky.

    By Tiffy G.
    my dad is always blocking me from the wifi n i dont like it. I HATE THIS APP PLS TAKE IT DOWN I HATE IT SO MF MUCH I HATE IT.😭 TAKE DIS TF DOWN NOW.
  • app is garbage

    By dolo13
    give it up, att. this app and your included bs “speed test” are garbage. i’m getting buffering every 3 minutes trying to watch basically anything, after turning off all other wifi users AND rebooting, yet for EVERY SINGLE SPEED TEST I RUN through your app, i get 108/22. give. me. a. break. this app does absolutely nothing else. don’t bother wasting the space on your phone.
  • Barry Pezzullo

    By chief00000000
    This APP is a useful tool. Works great and allows you to keep up with your data and devises you are using.
  • Ugh!

    By FunkyUnky
    The app seems good and nice at first... but... AT&T.. First to install a AT&T extender through the app they make you combine your 2.4 and 5.0 WiFi bands. This creates a situation where devices will attempt to join 5ghz even if they are too far away from it. (5ghz although fast, has a short distance) I reserve my 5ghz for Firesticks only. (You can desperate the bands later, with constant warning in app) The app is also highly inaccurate! It will show a extender with nothing connected to it despite having a iPhone next to it and a desktop computer Ethernet wired to it. My son’s friend connected his XBox Ethernet connected to the extender... he left hours ago... still the app shows it is connected! (Yes I’ve refreshed) Most of the time all my devices will show as connected directly to the main gateway hub and nothing on the extender. At some point today the app told me the extender was down, then the app lost connection to the gateway completely which caused me to reboot the gateway and extender. The app also notified me there was interference, so I did the suggested scan. However Firesticks only connect on the 36 channel of 5.0! Any other channel will cause the Firesticks to lose 5.0 and WiFi. There is no option to adjust channels via the app and must be done through the gateway portal. I’ve search the community boards and these inaccurate readings and extender issues are all over them, yet AT&at does nothing! In theory the App is nice, it’s execution does not deliver and I wonder who is dropping the ball when it comes to testing and quality controlling the app?!
  • Me gustaría versión española

    By bvargiu
    Versión español sería escencial